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Cadillac Celestiq EV - 2023?
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2023 Cadillac Celestiq EV: Everything We Know About the New Flagship
This super luxurious electric sedan is getting ready to hit the stage.

Cadillac-Escala-Concept-live-at-2017-Geneva-Motor-Show.jpg [ 722.92 KB | Vaadatud 7453 korda ]

Cadillac has had a two-pronged strategy over the past couple decades as it's looked to inject sportiness into its products while also responding to the market shift toward SUVs. Yet for all its efforts, GM's luxury marque has struggled to reclaim its heritage as "the Standard of the World." There's a new plan to snatch back the crown, and it culminates in the flagship Celestiq.

Massive executive sedans-cum-limousines may not enjoy the market share they used to, but they're still considered the peak of automotive luxury and prestige (although elephantine SUVs are making serious inroads). With the new 2021 Escalade continuing to cover the luxury SUV side, Cadillac will once again build an ultra-luxury sedan. Named Celestiq, it has been shown to media—including us—in concept form.

Roughly previewed by the smaller Escala concept, the Celestiq will be a loooong four-door with a hatchback like an Audi A7 (rather than a trunk like a Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class) for the full four-door coupe effect. Built on GM's new BEV3 electric vehicle architecture, the fully electric sedan will hide its batteries under the floor and could be built with anywhere from one to three electric motors. Given its class and price, we expect it to come standard with the largest battery pack and more powerful motors in GM's toolkit, giving it the longest range and highest performance possible. Fast charging at 800 volts will allow it to be rapidly topped up at public stations.

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Every Celestiq will be hand-built, with extra attention paid to the interior. The rear seat will take advantage of the car's proportions to offer a plethora of space to the captain of industry being chauffeured. Special touches will include an all-glass roof running from the windshield to the hatchback, giving occupants minimally obstructed views from the hood all the way over the top to the taillights. In the dashboard, flower petals will float in acrylic—a similar effect to a Rolls-Royce Phantom's display case. Banner technology like Super Cruise, the highway-capable hands-off cruise-control system, will assuredly be standard.

Barring any disruptions in the production timeline, Cadillac is planning to put the Celestiq on sale in 2022. Given the hand assembly and extra touches, we expect it to start at $200,000 and ratchet up quickly with personalization.

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